Nuclear Archives

Nuclear Archives

Project Overview

This micro-site documents the various phases of the Nuclear Archives project that have been completed since 2011. The project approaches the problem of nuclear harm as future cultural and environmental heritage, a profound insight that has emerged from the interdisciplinary subfield of the Nuclear Humanities.

The project centres around the establishment of a memory institution, the Archive of Nuclear Harm (2011-19), whose programming alternates between “focus themes” every three years, beginning with the question of marking nuclear sites (2016-19), to the current theme of Australia’s nuclear heritage (2019-22). The philosophical foundations of the project have been variously sponsored by the Australian Federal Government’s Australian Postgraduate Award (2011-18) and The University of Queensland’s 2020 Fryer Library Fellowship, and have necessitated (re)constructing Richard Routley/Sylvan’s Antipodean nuclear ethics and politics through archival research.


Alphaville Theatre Company/Australia Council for the Arts; Australian Federal Government; Ghost Foundation; Nuclear Futures Partnership Initiative/The University of New South Wales; The Seed Box: A MISTRAS-FORMAS Environmental Humanities Collaboratory/Linköping University; The University of Alabama; The University of Montreal; The University of Queensland; Whitman College; Killam Trusts; The University of British Columbia; Sterling Archer; Bob and Wendy Ashcroft; Alex Bagg; Ellise Barkley; Jyoti Blenclowe; Jessie Boylan; Paul Brown; Chris Bunting; Anthony Burke; Richard Butcher; Elliot Chapple; Ruth Charters; Daniel Clifton; Gavin and Jess Crawcour; Andrew Evans; Lucas Gibson; Julian Hewitt; Brodie Higgs; Avon Hudson; Andrew Hustwaite; Redi and Evald Koobak; Michael Lake; Luca Lana; Benjamin Law; Sophie and Tim Mattick; Cindy McGrath; Leeann McKnight; Chris Mosely; Geoff and Sue Nicholson; Andrew Ritchie; Jesse Sutton; R.H. and J.M.L. Taylor; Sue Wareham; Nicola Weston.

N.A.J. Taylor